PSYCH-K Facilitation

Connie has training in a Psychological-Kinesiology Technique called
, developed by Rob Williams to help change unconscious beliefs that are life limiting to those which are life enhancing. Results from this simple technique are often dramatic and life changing! 

PSYCH-K™ offered in small groups with Connie and other trained facilitators. Woodylane Farm may also host accredited teachers of the PSYCH-K™ Process for those who wish to learn the techniques themselves.  PSYCH-K™ is regularly incorporated into equine guided development sessions.

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Connie is delighted to host 
Basic Level Workshops
taught by certified instructor, Sandra Wallin, MA, RCC of Maple Ridge, BC

You can learn more about what takes place in these fascinating workshop by going onto the PSYCH-K site at and Sandra's site at Please email Connie at or call (360) 466-3757 for more information. Watch this website for future dates.

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